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^See this? This is Jekyll. It is a brilliant modern day adaptation of a classic novel from the BB-Wait. Where have I heard this before? Seriously though, if you like Sherlock I promise you, you will LOVE this show. It’s only short, it never really became as popular as it deserved, but the first series wraps up pretty well.

Also… It was written by none other than Steven Moffat… and Mark Gatiss has a cameo role in it.

It has the same sort of feel as Sherlock and it’s almost like watching Sherlock, but it’s Jekyll instead (I’m very eloquent, aren’t I?). It’s got James Nesbitt in it, who’s just fantastic and pulls off both roles perfectly. It’s exciting, it’s chilling, it’s got a bit of morbid humour in it. Over all it’s just perfect. It might not have Benedict Cumberbatch in it, but don’t skip over it because of that.

I’m telling you all, you need to see this show. It’s the perfect thing to watch whilst waiting for Sherlock’s third season and I’m baffled as to why it doesn’t have any fans. Particularly Sherlockian fans…

Actually… it’s the reason I started watching Sherlock in the first place, I saw what Moffat had done in this adaptation of a classic novel, I wanted to see what he did with Sherlock.

You’ll recognise plenty of actors in it too, if british television is your thing…

So please, PLEASE, I’m begging you, for your own sake, watch this show.

Here, have a wikipedia link ->

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